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The Refactory provides top-notch consulting, mentoring, and training
services to our clients and their software development teams.



We find consulting and mentoring to be an incredible opportunity for growth and understanding within the field.



We provide courses that articulate best practices essential for all aspects of the software development process.



We offer custom on-site mentoring and coaching for software developers, analysts, and team leaders.

Scrum Rio 2023

Vista do Morro Dona Marta

Joe will attend ScrumRio 2023 where he gave a keynote. He was excited to visit Rio again after the pandemic. Afterwards, he traveled to Sampa to visit friends and colleagues ...      read more...

ACM named Joe Yoder as a Distinguished Member

Joe was named a Distinguished Member on December 7th, 2022 by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), in the category of Outstanding Engineering Contributions...      read more...

How to Create Extraordinary Software

Joe will again be in São Paulo and is collaborating an organizing an event with USP Universidade de São Paulo on "How to create extraordinary software" on December 8th. We will have talks by ...      read more...

Making Agile Happen: It's All About the People

Making Ideas Happen

Mary Lynn Manns and Joseph Yoder have an upcoming interactive workshop on Fearless Change strategies and how they can be used to help you make Agile happen in your organization....      read more...

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The Refactory, Inc. aims to improve the quality of life for those involved with all aspects of software development. The Refactory bases our mentoring and consultation on proven practices backed by industry leading research.

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