The Refactory works with clients to develop custom training courses for all your software development needs. We have highly skilled, leaders in Agile, Architecture, Design, Patterns, Refactoring, and Testing that works alongside your company to ensure you bring the best strategy to any problem you may have. Transform your development teams today. -- Joe Yoder

Adaptable Systems

Architectures that can dynamically adapt to changing requirement can give you the "Ultimate in Agility".


Agile Quality

How to weave quality-related work along with system functionality into your projects and programs.


Agile Methods

Evolving and adapting to changing requirements is a crucial part of the design and programming process.


Design Patterns

This course examines all twenty-three patterns in Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software.


Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming utilizes short cycles of development with lots of testing and frequent release.


Object-Oriented Design

This course covers the fundamentals, including concepts and techniques in successful object-oriented design.


O-O Programming

This course teaches programmers how to design maintainable, flexible, and reusable, object-oriented systems.



This course shows how to recognize common code smells and safe steps for refactorings to a cleaner design.



This course takes a pragmatic approach to Test Driven Development (TDD) including key testing concepts.

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