Analysis and Design are important aspects in understanding the evolution of existing systems and the development of new ones. The Refactory, Inc. principals are some of the most well-respected framework developers, object-oriented designers, and pattern writers in the field and each has many years of experience with analysis and design, specifically object-oriented systems. We specialize in lightweight methodologies, specifically those now being recognized as Agile Software Development.

The Refactory Inc. advocates a practical balance of analysis and design which integrates an understanding of system requirements as an organic part of the software development process. Maintaining this balance can prevent a tendency toward over-analysis, which, when taken to extremes can lead to "analysis paralysis." The Refactory specializes in the development of quality systems through the use of frameworks and refactoring, using light-weight programming methodologies (agile practices), testing (pragmatic TDD), refactoring, and adaptive object models. Our agile methods increase production speed while maintaining adaptability and ensuring quality systems. 

"We enthusiastically recommend the Refactory as a technically sound, innovative and reliable source for contract development work." -Don Moonshine, Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services.