Iron Mountain, Fulfillment Services division, has engaged the services of The Refactory over the last 7 years. We have worked specifically with Refactory principal Joe Yoder.

Joe and his company have provided high-quality development work throughout this period. Three of the developers engaged through the Refactory have been providing services to us for over 5 years, and several others have been engaged in various short-term projects. All of the developers provided by the Refactory have excellent technical skills, show extraordinary dedication to their tasks, and are just plain good folks.

In addition to his role in recruiting developers, Joe has done an excellent job managing his team ensuring they meet our corporate coding standards, stay up to date with the latest technical developments, and code to the requirements given to them for the applications they are developing.

Joe has acted as the technical lead for his team and has made significant technical contributions himself, both on the architectural side and on the more complex applications his team has worked on. Additionally, Joe worked closely with our team on the integration of business frameworks into our environment along with appropriate training and technology transfer.

Refactory team members were involved in a broad range of activities for us, including a complete rewrite of our back end core systems and ancillary services. They were involved at the architectural level as well as design, development, and testing and implementation support. This work included the architectural design and development of Enterprise business frameworks specifically using Microsoft's .NET Frameworks and related technologies.

Without exception, Joe and his team were quick to pick up on the domain knowledge required to implement complex business rules for our ordering, import, invoicing, print, shipping, and warehouse management systems. Core Technologies and Practices are: C#/.NET, SQL Server, WebServices, Soap, WCF, .NET Remoting, VisualStudio, NUnit, EDI, XML, SVN, Agile, Use Cases, UML, SOA, Web Applications and Windows Form Applications.

We enthusiastically recommend the Refactory as a technically sound, innovative and reliable source for contract development work.

Don Moonshine 

Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services

Iron Mountain