I had the pleasure of working with Joe Yoder at Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services where I was the Director of Corporate Operations. During that time, he led The Refactory who provided application development for Iron Mountain’s proprietary WMS and TMS applications collectively known as GroupTrak. In my role as GroupTrak product manager, I regularly interacted with Joe and team to collaborate, design, develop, test, and roll out new applications used throughout all IMFS operations. I was always impressed with how intuitively he understood the business rules and functional requirements while making sure they remained central throughout the agile development process.  

On numerous occasions, Joe’s guidance and experience made the difference to improve our functional requests and get the most out of the development team. He also provided solution concepts for some of the more complex functions including Print-On-Demand workflow, Lot and Serial Control capabilities, shipping solution enhancements, among other core functional improvements. When we were faced with only a two-week turnaround to fully integrate FedEx servers into our freight process and incorporate numerous enhancements, he organized the developers to deliver what seemed to be impossible. This development required a complete revision of our shipping solution that automated checks-and-balances that ultimately saved us over $500K annually and was delivered on time with complete operational continuity.   

Joe provides a balanced approach to problem-solving that brings vision and leadership while keeping all parties engaged. Needless to say, I was regularly impressed by his consistent management style that helped us meet our goals. I am confident that Joe offers the same level of work ethic, experience, and spirit to every engagement in which he is involved. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information that may be of interest.

– Kevin Wright

Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services