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Scrum PLoP 2019

Joe will attend the ScrumPLoP conference. He is excited to visit with old and new friends at Quinta da Pacheca, Portugal. He is looking forward to a good trip and it is always good to visit with Ademar Aguiar and others in Porto Portugal.

We are putting the final touches on our the Scrum Patterns book that will be released soon and also discussing the future of ScrumPLoP. This should be a fun and interesting trip. The sites in Douro Valley and Porto are beautiful.

AsianPLoP 2019

Joe is once again returning to Japan and looking forward to seeing his friends and colleagues there. He'll be arriving in Tokyo on March 19th. Joe will be working with Hironori Washizaki Research Group on various topics.  I may also meet with an agile group while there. My main reason for the trip besides collaborating with Hiro will be to attend AsianPLoP 2019 which runs from March 20-22.

At AsianPLoP, I will be co-chairing the conference and I'll be presenting a paper. I look forward to arriving in Japan and seeing the beautiful country once again. If you will be in the area or at the conference, get in touch!

Back to Brazil

Faculdade_de_Direito_da_USPJoe is excited to be returning to Brazil, Feb 15 to Mar 1, 2019. This time he will be teaching a Test Driven Development, Clean Code, and Refactoring course for UOL PagSeguro. Additionally, Joe will be presenting an "Essential Microservices Design" workshop with his colleague Paulo Merson. Joe always enjoys seeing some close friends. Joe also loves music and food. 

As usual, he is excited to be making the trip and looks forward to taking some time to catch up with some old friends and to make some new ones!

Additionally, he’ll talk about some practices and patterns that help keep the architecture/code clean or from getting muddier. As always, if you will be in the area and want to meet up, get in contact!  

Munich and Porto


Joseph will attend the OOP conference in Munich Jan 21-25, 2019. This is a well-run conference and a lot of fun with many people. I gave talks and workshops on "Being Agile about Quality" and "Being Agile about Architecture". They did a graphic recording of the later which can be found here: Page-1 and Page-2.

On my way home I flew to the beautiful city of Porto visiting my colleague Ademar Aguiar. While I'm there, I will also be taking in the sites, enjoying the company of friends, and escaping from the cold Illinois weather. If you'll be in the area and would like to meet up, send me a message.

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