The #Smalltalk compiler is available under the Open Software License version 1.1. The #Smalltalk class library is available under the MIT License. By installing the software you are agreeing to the terms of these licenses. To determine what license a particular source file is under, you can view the comment at the beginning of the file. Essentially, everything under the Compiler subdirectory and the compiler program is under the Open Software License and everything else is under the MIT License. By having the two licenses, you are able to compile and distribute programs without the limitation of them being under the Open Software License. However, if you modify and distribute the compiler, then that must be licensed under the Open Software License. If your company needs a different license, you can contact us.

File  Description  Date 
Sharp Smalltalk Compiler The base library and compiler September 12, 2003
Sharp Smalltalk Examples Various goodies: SUnit, Glorp, Swazoo, tests derived from the Camp Smalltalk ANSI test suite, and   some simple benchmarks September 12, 2003

Once you download the software, you can install it by unzipping it in a directory. You will need to preserve the directory structure of the zipped contents. You may wish to add the SharpSmalltalk directory to your path.

These files should run under either version 1.1 or 1.0 of the .NET framework. If you plan on running Glorp, then you will need the 1.1 version since Glorp is written against the ODBC connection that was only shipped in version 1.1.

These files work for version 0.26 of the Mono runtime. However, programs compiled under Mono may not run under the Microsoft VM.

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