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We find consulting and mentoring to be an incredible opportunity for growth and understanding within the field. Our principal members have both consulted and mentored extensively within the commercial world to bring a consciousness about frameworks, objects, patterns, adaptive systems, and other groundbreaking research to life. We believe that the sharing of information is an essential part of the software development process. Our principal members share this information with one another, building what is essentially on the other's ideas and vice versa. This enables us to competitively keep our methods ahead of the field standard.

Ralph Johnson is one of four authors of the best selling book "Design Patterns" and has been dealing with objects since their inception; Don Roberts is an expert with analysis, design and software development - specifically OO systems; Don Roberts and John Brant are co-authors of the first commercial refactoring tools; Joseph Yoder has taught, mentored, consulted, and managed various software projects for many years, including applying patterns, designing architecture, creating adaptive object models, utilizing agile methods, developing frameworks, refactoring existing systems, object oriented software development in Java, C#/.NET, Smalltalk and C++, and web design and cloud services.; Brian Foote is the author of over two-dozen published patterns and has been working with frameworks, patterns, and objects for years.

The principals have experience with many companies, including Caterpillar, Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services, Ernst & Young, Hewitt Associates, Illinois Department of Public Health, Illinois Department of Insurance, Lucent Technologies, North American Lighting, American Express Financial Advisors, Lifespan Research Institute, Industrial Logic, Communication Security Establishment of Canada, IBM, NCSA, Sprint, Ralston-Purina, The Object People, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, and Abbott Labs (a complete list of our clients can be found here.)

We also strongly believe that the best consultant is the one who is trying to put himself or herself out of a job.

"We enthusiastically recommend the Refactory as a technically sound, innovative and reliable source for contract development work." -Don Moonshine, Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services.

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The Refactory, Inc. and its consultants provide top notch on-site training and consulting services. Through our combined years of industry and academic experience, the principals of The Refactory base our consultation on proven practices backed by industry leading research. We have the skills, experience and ambition to make your project successful.

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