No Rest for the Agile

I just got back from Kraków, Poland last week where I attended JDD 2012. While at the Java developers conference, I presented a talk called "When Should You Consider Meta-Architectures? Using Meta to Scale the Cloud." I also spoke on the subject, "Pragmatic, Not Dogmatic TDD: Rethinking How We Test" with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

I've just barely recovered from JDD and now I'm heading to Haifa, Israel. This is my first time in Israel so I'm excited about being there. While there, I'll be presenting a course on the subject of Test-Driven Development for a client of mine who maintains offices there. I've never been to Israel, so I'm excited take in some of the sites in Haifa and possibly Tel Aviv. If you'll be in the area and would like to get together, get ahold of me.

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