Consulting, Training, and Mentoring

Consulting, Training, and Mentoring





The Refactory offers consulting, training and mentoring in Agile, Adaptive Object Model, .NET, C#, Design Patterns, Testing, and Refactoring methods and principles. Every course is taught by a Refactory principal or qualified associate.

Our most recent public course covered Pragmatic Test Driven Development. Located in the metro area of Portland, Oregon, it ran from January 25- 27.  We are still in the planning stages for the next public course. More details will be revealed as they become available.

We offer on-site training courses for software developers, analysts, and team leaders. Individuals can review our public course schedule for upcoming classes.

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  • 7 Florida Drive
    Urbana, IL 61801
  • 1-217-344-4847

About Us

The Refactory, Inc. aims to improve the quality of life for those involved with all aspects of software development. The Refactory bases our mentoring and consultation on proven practices backed by industry leading research.

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