Adapting to Israel

I recently returned from a trip to Israel. It was my first time in Israel, and the trip was a success. I was there teaching TDD to a client in Haifa. I also managed to take some time to visit some of the sights of Haifa and see a little of Tel Aviv. I even managed to get out of the country right as the recent aggressions began.

The purpose of my trip was to provide training for my client in Pragmatic Test Driven Development. While there, I managed to meet with some good friends like Atzmon Hen-Tov, David H. Lorenz and Lior Schachter to discuss an open-source implemenatation of an AOM framework called Ink, which is itself an evolution of ModelTalk.

It was good to see my colleages again and to visit Israel, and even better to get out just in time. Still, I look forward to being able to go back again. I hope to see more of the country next time and to participate in future collaborations with my colleagues.

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