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It's a beautiful warm day here in Music City, #Nashville, Tennessee. I'm happy to be back in Nashville and to be attending #agile2013 again this year. The conference starts today, so I'm excited to be getting right into the event, although I have been talked into setting some time aside to go honky tonkin' tonight!

I managed to get an early start to the conference by coming down a bit early to visit with my fellow Hillsider, Linda Rising, aka "The Queen of Patterns." I also saw her talk today entitled "The Agile Mindset - what's next?"

While here, I'm also meeting with my friend and colleague, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, with whom I will be presenting a talk entitled "Agile Quality Scenarios: How to Be Nimble and Precise." In the talk, Rebecca and I will discuss how to write Quality Scenarios in an #Agile manner in order to avoid the major refactoring and system architecture upheaval that often become necessary after software qualities like security, scalability and reliability are overlooked until late in the game as we are trying to rush to market.

I anticipate a lot of other interesting talks at the conference, as well, as over 200 other speakers will be at the event to discuss all aspects of Agile practices. If you'll be at the conference or in Nashville this week, look me up!

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